Your PALS Plus library card is your gateway to information, knowledge, and entertainment.

How to...

How to get a library card

Register at your home library with photo identification and proof of residency to receive a free library card.

How to search the catalog

A general keyword search is your most friendly, but if you want to be more precise, you can select an option from the drop-down menu.


Title – Select title if you know the title, such as ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.
Author – Select author if you know the author such as Margaret Atwood.
Subject – Select subject if you are looking for materials about something, such as Dogs, Fishing, or Romance.


You can also limit your search by format, by selecting Digital BooksOnly BooksOnly Juvenile MaterialsOnly Music CDsOnly DVDsOnly Audiobooks, and Only Large Print in the Everything drop-down menu.

How to access your account

You can view your account, search for materials in all PALS Plus libraries, place holds, renew materials, and manage your account by logging in with your library card on the PALS Plus online catalog.  Look for the My Account link at the top of the page. Contact your home library if you need assistance with your PIN.

How to turn on your checkout history

You can opt-in to record your checkout history in Enterprise.  Once you’ve opted-in, your checkout history begins recording once your items have been returned.


Select the Record my checkout history checkbox and click Update.

View your checkout history in the Checkouts tab of your account, under the Checkout History dropdown.

How to place a hold

You can request materials that are currently unavailable at your library by placing a hold at your library or through the PALS Plus online catalog.

If an item is unavailable to borrow from any PALS Plus library, contact your home library and ask about JerseyCat, the state-wide Inter-Library Loan (ILL) system.

Materials are new for 90 days.  New items are only available for local holds.  After 90 days, materials are made available for holds by all PALS Plus library patrons.

How to renew items

Need more time?  No problem.  Eligible items that do not have existing holds and have not reached their renewal limit will be automatically renewed at 5 AM on the day that they are due.  Eligible materials can also be-renewed at the library, by phoning any PALS Plus library, or through your account.